Inspiring Stories National Film Competition Mar27


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Inspiring Stories National Film Competition

NZ’s Young Filmmakers, Making a Difference!

Our national film competition challenges anyone to make a short film around the theme young Kiwis making a difference. This year the quality of entries was another step up, and we recently announced the winners at the Awards Ceremony in Wellington. It was a beautiful evening, with young filmmakers, their family and supporters travelled from as far as Auckland, Waikato, Manawatu and Christchurch for the awards. You can check out all of the winners on the Making a Difference website, or follow one of the links below:

· Bonnie, building a beauty company to help cure treatable blindness

· Georgia, providing training and employment pathways for young people

· Jayke, the blind student from the Waikato inspiring others through music

Dog Island Motu Piu, eco-tourism initiative told by a Tuatara in clay-mation!