Upcoming Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Mar12


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Upcoming Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games social studies resources have been created, aiming to meet the level 4 achievement objectives. As such, they have been primarily designed for use by students in years 8-10, but can be adapted for senior primary use as well. They are designed with the following themes: sustainability, destiny, diversity, New Zealand excellence, venue Gold Coast, history, geography, plus medals and mascots.
The emphasis is on student thinking, discussion, creativity, and research, and there is a wide range of teaching and learning activities, such as De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats, Kahoot quizzes, code crackers, three-level guides, and graphing and interpretation skills. There are also options to use online tools such as Prezi, Padlet, My Maps, Quizlet, and Google Forms. Activities have been designed so that they generally are not dependent upon each other. Teachers can mix and match, use them in isolation, or as a bigger unit of work. With the values of the Commonwealth Games being humanity, equality, and destiny, this resource is a great fit for teaching and learning in the social sciences area.

Here is the link http://www.olympic.org.nz/education/game-on/games-resources/gold-coast-2018/